Saturday, September 8, 2007

09/08/07 - Tantrums

Two days ago my one year old (Luke) threw his first, fall on the floor, didn't get the toy I wanted, tantrum! (Of course this type of behavior is NOT accepted in this household and he found out what happens when he falls to the floor in a tantrum).

But, it got me thinking. Where did he learn this awful, selfish behavior? His older brother knows better! (It only took Miles two times to learn that the consequences are not fun.) I don't think he's seen any other kid do this. I don't fall to the floor!

He didn't learn this anywhere, it's just his sin nature. It was part of him from birth. We are all born with this sin nature. We all have the "please me first" mentality. But, praise the Lord, through His power, grace, and love we learn to put our flesh aside and walk in the Spirit.

However, at some point we all throw tantrums at God. We are more discreet or sophisticated than falling on the floor, but in our hearts and minds, we throw ourselves in the floor and cry out, "That's not fair God! I want that God! Why aren't you giving me what I want!!"

What tantrum have you had lately? Is God not giving you something you think you deserve or want? How is this effecting how you interact with God, your Father?

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Kelsey Hough said...

It is amazing, when you think about it, how no one ever has to teach kids to be self-centered, or how to throw a tantrum -- our flesh does a fine job of that all on its own.