Thursday, September 6, 2007

09/06/07 - Time

Do you feel like you have time to get done all the things you'd like to get done?

I would say that most of you will say, "No!"

We all get so busy: work, friends, church, family, school, sports, events, parties, computer, cleaning, laundry, bible study, worship team, Sunday school commitments, homework, and a long list of other things that keep us busy.

Just recently I have had a couple of people ask me how I have time to be a mom, keep up with my blog, keep house, be involved in church, and still have time to sleep 8 hours a night.

Easy: I have kept my life pretty simple. I have been very intentional about not putting too much into my schedule. This means saying "no", to events and activities that don't fit in.

Also, as a mom with two little kids, I choose to not be on the go. I stay home most days. I have one day that I use to grocery shop, twice a month I have play dates, we go to the library (at least we try) twice a month. On the weekends we try to only plan one major event. So if we have something to do on Saturday, we don't plan anything for Sunday or Friday. I also make a point to avoid going anywhere after naps in the afternoon. That means when we're home at noon, we're home for the day. (Of course we play outside, but we just avoid going anywhere.)

It takes work to keep our family schedule clear and not over booked. But I know the more I keep our calendar open, the more time we have for getting to know God, do what He has for us, and enjoy family time!

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