Monday, September 3, 2007

09/03/07 - Being an Emotional Woman many of you women out there think, "Why do I have to be so emotional?" I know at times I wish I could turn off my intense emotions. Especially, when I was single and I struggled with desiring a boyfriend.

My emotions would play tricks on me! I'd over analyze everything little thing a guy friend would do! I'd go over and over and over again what he said, what he did, how he looked at me, how he interacted with me, and when I would be with him again (This normally included me trying to figure out how I could make sure we'd spend time together!).

My mind was an ever present emotional roller coaster! Up, down, corkscrew, up, up and whoosh...down again! I felt like all I could do was strap in and hang on!

Then God revealed to me the beauty of emotional purity. The power of the Holy Spirit in my thought life! When I began to practice emotional purity in my life, it freed my mind. I was no longer controlled by my emotions! I got off the roller coaster and stood firmly on God's foundation!

Was I still an emotional woman? Of course!! But my emotions did not control me and I would keep my thoughts captive for Christ. I'd focus on Him and what He wanted for me, which wasn't spending hours upon hours thinking, daydreaming, fantasizing, about guys in my life or the desire for a boyfriend.

God showed me the purity of trusting Him fully with my emotions!

What is your testimony? Where are you on this roller coaster? Are you waiting in line, riding it, wish you were off, or walking on firm foundation of trust?


Anonymous said...

I have this guy friend, and he's a bit older than me. he is a very very strong Christian, and he helps me alot with my spiritual walk. I have feelings for him as more than friends, and lately i feel like i think about him way too much, or look forward to hearing from him all the time. i still look at him as a brother in Christ, but i couldn't get him out of my head!!!
then the other night i was laying in my bed, and i just knew that i really needed to keep my mind from thinking about him SO much, even though i liked thinking about him. so i decided to pray about it. and it was a long, heartfelt prayer. i asked God to help me not to have my mind on him so much and to keep my focus on God.
so the next day i noticed that i didn't think, or, "fantasize" about him so much! he rarely entered my mind, and i didnt dwell on when the next time i would get to tlak to him, or things like that. yes, i still care about him alot, but its like i don't feel like i have to think about him all day long. so its been like this for the past few days and i LOVE it!
so i just wanted to share how PRAYER really affected my life.
it helps me to keep my focus on God instead of people. and it also helpd my relationship with this guy grow in the RIGHT direction!

Kelsey Hough said...

Oh, it's so true! I've found myself wishing many times that I could just turn my emotions off, or at least turn them down a couple degrees! :-)

Thankfully, when I was in high school I realized the importance of taking every thought captive. I'd always known it applied to "ungodly fantasies," but it was eye opening to realized it also applied just as much to imaginary conversations, outings and dates that were only feeding into my inner emotional, romantic and wasting valuable time.

Since realizing that, I've been a lot more careful about what I watch, listen to, talk with friends about, and even write in my journal. It's helped tremendously with being able to keep my emotions in check and my head in tacked.