Saturday, September 29, 2007

09/29/07 - For Guys

Lately, I've realized that I have not addressed guys, directly.

Wednesday I was talking to this guy about how emotionally attached women can become. He said, "So am I not supposed to talk to any girl, ever!?!"

Well, that is extreme, but how should a guy treat a girl to help maintain emotional purity in both of their lives.

First of all, realize that girls will believe how you ACT, not what you say. You may tell her, "We're just friends." But then spend lots of time with her, tell her things you don't normally share, hug her, go out to dinner with her, and basically make her feel set apart. She may have a tendency to start believing that, although you said: "We're just friend", your feelings have changed.

Second, think about your future wife. How do you want other guys treating her now, before you met? Do you want them to help her maintain emotional and physical purity? Women can become very devoted and I am sure you want her to save all that devotion for you and you alone.

Third, treat all girls equally. You may be a friendly, warm, open personality. I do not suggest you quench that integral part of your personality, but just make sure all girls are being treated the same. It is up to a young lady to realize you are not treating her any different, thus emotional purity is maintained.

Fourth, invest your energy in your other guy friends. I was the type of girl who always had closer guy friends than girl friends. When I started realizing how I wanted to remain emotionally pure for my husband, I began to shift what was comfortable for me, and invest in other women.

Hope this helps guys and I hope to address more guy issues in the weeks to come!

Friday, September 28, 2007

09/28/07 - Secrets

What secrets are you keeping? Are you keeping secrets from your kids, your mate, your parents? Some secrets should be kept, but some secrets should be confessed.

When a secret is concealed it can start having power over you. You fear this secret, thus it has power. It can cause you to behave a certain way and push people away. Secrets can cause strife in families, relationships, church ministries, and marriages.

A friend of mine was sharing with me recently how speaking her secret has broken the power the secret has had over her. It has been freeing. She wrote: "Something I have learned recently is that when we talk about our struggles and private pains, they start to lose the power they have over us. Getting those words out creates space in our hearts for true healing."

The bible says we are to "bear each other's burdens" (Galatians 6:2) and how can we do this if we never speak our burdens to each other?

What secrets are clogging up space in your life? May God give you the grace and courage to free yourself of the power of secrets.

This week Nancy Leigh DeMoss did a week long radio program on secrets: Revive Our Hearts

Thursday, September 27, 2007

09/27/07 - Gospel Message

Do you know Jesus? Is He your foundation?

Nothing else matters, if you don't know Jesus as your personal savior. Only through Him is there eternal life and I pray that if you don't know Jesus you will seek Him 100% until you know that He alone is your Savior!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

09/26/07 - Get him out of my thoughts!!

I love e-mails! Keep them coming!

I received one last week and she, like any normal 16 year old, is struggling with keeping her thoughts from drifting. She asked: "HOW DO I GET HIM OUT OF MY THOUGHTS?" That's just how she wrote it!

How do we keep our thoughts pure? We meet a young man, we see things in him we long for in a mate, and the next thing we know we can't stop thinking about him. We think about how our future would work with him.

Our thoughts may go like this, "Okay, I am 16, he's 19. He's in college, I am in high school. He'll graduate and I can move to where he is when he is done. I'll be 19 and he'll be 21. We can get married the spring he is done. He's in a field that my dad is in, so maybe my dad can get him a job. Then maybe we can start having babies. Oh, won't it be fun when he realizes I am the one for him!"

We even think about how wonderful all his qualities are and how those are the things we've prayed for in a mate. We think, think, think, and think some more, till were "thinked" out! (Yes, I know thinked is not a word :-))

It's all in our thought life! We must memorize scripture and replace those thoughts with God's truth!

2 Corinthians 10:5:
"We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ."

This is a great place to start! We destroy speculations (does he like me, is he the one) by taking our thoughts captive.

Philippians 4
"6Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.
7And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. "

Not being anxious (will I ever get married?!) but turning to God in thankful prayer, will give you peace in your hearts and MINDS!

There are many more scriptures to help in this area...I hope these get you excited to find more for you to memorize and use in the battle of controlling your thoughts.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

09/25/07 - God's Timing

When I was single I questioned God's timing. I was 28, single, wondering if I'd ever get married. I thought, "Who'd marry the girl who wrote Emotional Purity, anyway!?!"

Just a year before, when I was 27, my parents bought a house with an apartment upstairs. My two older sisters (Colleen 29, Lesli 28) and I moved in to that apartment because we were all convinced that we were not getting married.

Three months later my sister Colleen met her husband Steve, she was married 11 months later. A year after we moved in I met my husband and we were married 10 months after we met (we were friends for 6 months, dated for 4). My sister Lesli already knew her husband, but they didn't get married till last summer (they didn't date until four months before they were married, they just knew each other).

God's timing is always perfect. God knows what works best for us. We're on His clock, He's not on ours. It may be hard to wait on His timing, but when you look back you'll see that it was truly THE perfect time.

Monday, September 24, 2007

09/24/07 - Romance Novels/Movies

I received these questions in an e-mail:

"I was wondering your views on the dangers of such romance (novels and movies). Is too much, or any, dangerous because they feed wrong and distorted views of love? Is some ever okay in a small amount, or does it ever differ after you marry? Do you find there's any difference between the so-called "Christian" romance novels vs. the regular ones?"

I have not read a romance novel in years! Why? Because I remember reading them and being very discontent with being single. Even Janette Oak books caused me to long for something I didn't have (and her books are very clean and wholesome). Plus, they gave me a false idea of what was romance. By the way, God's idea of real romance is far more exciting than anything you can read in a book!

I do remember in my early 20's thinking, "I should at least read one romance non-Christian novel in my life." Why, who knows!?! I don' think I got through the second or third chapter, it was awful.

As women, we are emotional, we're in love with romance, relationships, love, and everything associated with those areas. Reading romance novels can cause someone to be very discontent with being single. If someone is unhappy in their marriage, they may compare their husband to these men in the romance novels who say the perfect thing (they say the perfect thing because they are written by emotional women!)

Can I say a blanket answer for each women? No. But,I would warn women that romance novels can be just as dangerous in our lives as pornography is for men. Hope this helps!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

09/22/07 - Light our path

Last night I was reading my bible and came across a very familiar verse:

Psalms 119:105

Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light for my path.

It reminded me a story of when I visited my friend in New Jersey about 10 years ago.

We'd gone to bible study, and of course I had never been there before. We got there when it was light out and had a wonderful study in the book of I remember that, who knows! When we left and it had become dark. As we were walking to her car, I walked on ahead into this dark driveway.

I came to the end of the path in front of their house and I could tell there was a step down. I tried to feel with my foot how the path went on ahead of me, but I couldn't, so I lifted my leg to take a step of faith.

Instantly, their motion lights went on and I could clearly see the path ahead of me and the step down.

At that moment a truth stuck with me. This is how God operates. We're on a path of life, we can't see ahead of us, and God will light the path if we move in faith. We have to move first. If I would have just stood there, the light never would have gone on and I would have been stuck.

Now the motion light did not light the whole drive home, just what I needed to see it get where I needed to go at that moment.

God's Word says that His Word will light our path. Being in God's Word will shed light on those dark driveways of life!

Friday, September 21, 2007

09/21/07 - Emotional Adultery

My publisist sent me this interesting article and it's worth sharing because it shows how Christian's view emotional affairs.

Emotional Adultery is a Sin According to Poll

/Christian Newswire/ --, the world's largest Christian portal with twelve million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Have you ever emotionally cheated on your spouse?"

President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, stated, "The Bible seems clear that if a spouse commits adultery in their heart, then it is just as sinful as committing the physical act." Half of those surveyed have claimed that they never emotionally cheated on their spouses.

Out of 800 Christians that responded to the survey, 50% stated that they do not believe they have ever cheated emotionally or physically. The most common response was that they felt, "The Bible says emotional cheating is just as bad as physical cheating." Others responded with comments such as, "I love my spouse and I would never want to hurt him like that; I took marriage vows." Many survey takers in this group were not married and had never been, so their answer was a definite, "no."

Thirty seven percent of pollers say they have cheated on their spouses emotionally. The most common reason given was because of loneliness, "I am sad and lonely in my marriage." Other survey takers felt that their spouses neglected them and didn't appreciate them. One poller stated, "My husband is never home, and even when he is, he pays no attention to me." Some have been physically abused or cheated on themselves. "I was cheated on first, so I got back at him," was another response to the question.

Twelve percent of Christians who answered were unsure of the meaning of the question. This is shown with comments such as, "I don't understand what emotional adultery is?" Other Believers were unsure because they did not understand the meaning of the word emotional, "Does emotional mean like going on the Internet?" Survey takers that claimed to be unsure were also confused about the marital vows they took and where the emotional promise to be faithful is verbalized. One poller confirmed this by stating, "I took marriage vows to be physically faithful, not emotionally. I can't control every thought that comes into my head."

That last comment I highlighted. Yes, you can take your thoughts captive, through the power of Jesus. Learning this while you are single will greatly aid when you are married!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

09/20/07 - Question

Matthew left a comment a couple of days ago and I wanted to get to answering it. Here was his comment/question:

"I have a few female friends who seem to put all their emotions into a relationship before it really even starts. Then when they get hurt a few days later because nothing came like they hoped it would, I am the ear they speak to and the shoulder they cry on. What are things I can suggest to them or say to them to help them stop doing this?"

There are two things that jump out at me:

1) "The get hurt a few days later..." Just a few days! I know some girls who sink their emotions in a relationship with a guy for years and years. One friend I think of liked this guy for over 5 years before it finally ended. They were on and off again. Never dated, but would hang out. Then it would be less intense and she's be frustrated and then it would get back to more consistent hanging out.

It took her years to get over him and move on. Thankfully, now she is happily married with a young son. So it's amazing your friends move in and out of these relationships in just days.

Because they are doing this, I am assuming they are younger (correct me if I am wrong). What they need to know is that this contuinal giving of their hearts, hoping the relationship will turn into something, and longing for a boyfriend, will just lead to a life of being unsatisfied with where God has them. They are looking for these guys to provide them with some type of emotional satisfaction that only God can do.

2) "I am the ear they speak to and the shoulder they cry on.." Although, they may need this friend to listen to them, I'd suggest that they look to another girl. They may find themselves attaching themselves to you in an unhealthy way.

You could point them to other resources: my book or blog. You could also tell them to look to a girl friend or even a mentor.

Now saying all of that, when I was a teenager I was overweight and not very attractive. So I was a "safe" friend for guys. I mostly had guy friends. I was the friend everyone spilled their heart to: guy or girl. However, my heart always got entwined in these friendship. I realized that I needed to invest my life, heart, and time in my girl friends.

Hope this was helpful!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

09/19/07 - Singing

The other night my boys were at the kitchen table singing Sunday school songs.

"The B I B L E, yes, that's the book for me."

"Tick tock, hear the clock, now it's time to pray."

Then they sang a song that is new to me, but my mother-in-law sang it to my husband when he was a little boy:

"Read your bible, pray every day, pray every day, pray every day. Read your bible, pray every day and you'll grow, grow, grow."

There's cute little hand jesters that go with this song. Luke, my 14 month old, started doing the grow, grow, grow hand movements and said (in his one year old way of speaking): gro, gro, gro.

Then I thought to myself, "What truth in these songs, what timeless, lifelong truths they are singing"

When I am in the Word (and I mean in the word, studing, meditating, and applying it to my life)and praying, God does bless me with growth. I may not see it on a daily basis, but I am growing, learning, and experience His peace.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

09/18/07 - Book of the month

This month our book is: Shopping for Time: How to Do it All and NOT Be Overwhelmed, by mother: Carolyn Mahaney and her three daughters: Nicole Whitacre, Kristin Chesemore, Janelle Bradshaw.

We looked at tip one: Rise Early in my 09/10/07 post. This has been a good challenge in my own life.

Today we'll look at tip two: Sitting Still. Part of have extra time is sitting still, sounds a bit off! But look at it this way.

When we take intentional time to sit still, daily, at the feet of Christ: to listen, really listen, we see our need and totally dependence for Him. It causes us to pause, take a deep breath, and confirm we can't do this thing called Life, on our own. Thus we turn over our cares, worries, calendars, PDA's, and frustrations to trust Him completely.

This sitting still, would include meditating on scripture, prayer, worship, and just listening.

As a single woman I remember clearing thinking: Take advantage of this uninterrupted time I have with God. It's one piece of advice I always give singles: take that extra time you have in this season of life and just get to really know God. Sit daily at His feet, quiet your heart, and just be.

On my weekend away I spent about an hour and a half at the dock at camp doing just this: sitting still. What a wonderful, refreshing, spiritually renewing time. It gives you perspective you can't gain anywhere else. I hope you can take some time to just sit still!

Monday, September 17, 2007

09/17/07 - Life's Detours

This past weekend I went to Door Co. Wisconsin, for a women's retreat with my home church. It was a time of spiritual renewal and a place to met God in the quietness of the day. I feel spiritual renewed and full.

I rode up there (about a five hour drive) with my two friends: Lori and Heather. We enjoyed just chatting and talking without kids to interrupt. Lori was driving and she has driven up to camp often, so we didn't pay too much attention to the surrounds because the road we were on should have taken us to camp.

All of the sudden we see a sign: Road Closed 500 feet ahead. Road closed? What are we to do? A couple of other cars turned to the right and we followed behind. We rolled down the window and talked to the couple in the car in front of us, we were all clueless! The couple had a GPS so we were going to follow them.

After his system recalculated our position, we followed him and it only took about 2 minutes to get back on the road we were suppose to be on!

Made me think about life. We're all on a road, maybe to a specific goal, maybe just on a road going where ever the road leads. So many of us are in cruise control, just driving along. Then we hit a road closed sign (there were detour signs we just all missed them!) and we are stuck, not knowing what to do.

Sometimes God brings along someone to guide us using His GPS: the Bible. Once we got back on the right path, we all are more aware of what was going on around us.

Are you on cruise control? Or are you actively engaged in what is happening around you, paying attention and using God's "GPS" to guide your path?

Friday, September 14, 2007

09/14/07 - Praying

I really enjoy praying for those of you who read my blog and/or my book. I love getting e-mails, because then I know what to pray for and I can put names in my prayers.

If you are struggling in the area of emotional purity or there is another issue you'd like prayer for, please e-mail me and know you will be prayed for.

Later today I will be leaving for the weekend. This is the first time I will leave my husband alone with both boys! It's taken me about five days to get ready to go! I'll be home Sunday. So, I'll see you all on Monday! Have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

09/13/07 - Emotional Intimacy

In my book there is one chapter dedicated to this topic of emotional intimacy.

What is emotional intimacy?

It's being intimate with someone on an emotional level. It's connecting with someone on a heart level. We have all been emotional intimate with someone, at some point in our life. When you are emotionally intimate with another person, you can share your thoughts with them, you long to tell them the latest news in your life, you seek them out to share your heart, you talk openly about issues, and you feel emotionally close to them.

I believe in a healthy relationship (not friendships, but in dating or marriage relationships) we have three types of intimacy: physical, emotional and spiritual. When one of those is out of balance the relationship is effected.

So, if you are dating someone and the physical is all there is, it will be out of balance. If all you have is emotional and not spiritual, it will be out of balance. Being totally physically intimate is reserved for the marriage relationship, where I believe all three levels of intimacy should be balanced equally.

In a marriage where there is no emotional intimacy one may start looking outside of the marriage to fill this part of the healthy relationship. This is how emotional affairs get started. Someone may feel they need that emotional tank filled and thus look outside of the marriage to find it.

How balanced are your relationship?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

09/12/07 - Inward Purity

Last night I was watching Joyce Meyer and she said:

"When you have inward purity, you have external power."

I just said this over and over in my head: inward purity, external power, inward purity, external power.

Inward purity would be a person who is full of integrity, they would have no guilt, no hidden sins, no shame, a clear conscience before God. With other people they would not be jealous or angry. Their speech would be encouraging, uplifting, and meaningful. They would avoid gossip, slander, hatred, and folly. Their thoughts would be fully captivated by Jesus. They would treat other people with respect, purity, and have no hidden agenda/motives.

A person with this type of purity in their life would have great external power.

They'd be bold in their speech, open with their lives, and fully giving of themselves. They'd have all their mental and emotional energy to pour out for God's work. The pull of sin would not keep them tied to earthy worries. They'd not be mentally weighed down to past sins, hidden secrets, or shame. They would have experienced God's grace which has fully redeemed them, healed them, and wiped their sins clean. They'd not care what people thought of them, but be focused on pleasing their Master and Lord.

How I pray for this type of purity in your life and in my life! May we strive for pure hearts!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

09/11/07 - Where were you?

This will be the question of the day: Where were you when you heard about the attack on the World Trade Towers?

I (insert being embarrassed here) was still in bed! I was living at home with my parents, we were in the middle of moving, and I stayed up late the night before.

It seems like so long ago, yet it seems like not so long ago.

So much has changed in my life: I've moved three times, I got married, my two sisters also got married, I have had two kids, republished my book, joined a new church, walked through the darkest event personally (miscarriage), I entered my 30's, and I have grown in my spiritual life.

Where were you? What has changed in your life?

Monday, September 10, 2007

09/10/07 - Book of the Month

This month we're looking at Shopping for Time: How to do it all and not be overwhelmed by Carolyn Mahaney, Nicole Whitacre, Kristin Chesemore, Janelle Bradshaw.

Like I mentioned in my 09/01 post about this book, it's an easy read being under 100 pages. Carolyn and her daughters write as if they are having a coffee conversation with you about time management.

They basically break down "shopping for time" into five tips:
1) Rise Early
2) Sit Still
3) Sit and Plan
4) Consider People
5) Plan to Depend

Today we'll look at: Rise Early, joining the 5 AM Club.

The four authors have a 5 AM Club. Yes, 5 Am!!! Basically, they have committed to each other to rise at 5 AM to have quiet time with God. They encourage you to get up early to have your first part of the day be focused on the Lord.

I'll be the first to admit that 5 AM is a little early for me. Since my boys get up (most days) at 6:30 AM, me and two other friends have started the 6 AM club. We have committed to getting up and spending time with God.

As a mom, who treasures her sleep, making this commitment was not easy. I have lots of excuses to getting as much sleep as my boys allow me, but after reading this book, I felt convicted to make a point to get up and spend time with my Lord.

Having my two friends, Heather and Lori, join me in this has been great accountability. I think of them when I get out of bed. I pray for them and they pray for me. We check in with each other and all three of us have seen God bless our decision to get out of bed and spend time with Him.

Will be looking at the other four tips later this month! But if you seem to never have time for God, consider starting your own "5 AM club"!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

09/08/07 - Tantrums

Two days ago my one year old (Luke) threw his first, fall on the floor, didn't get the toy I wanted, tantrum! (Of course this type of behavior is NOT accepted in this household and he found out what happens when he falls to the floor in a tantrum).

But, it got me thinking. Where did he learn this awful, selfish behavior? His older brother knows better! (It only took Miles two times to learn that the consequences are not fun.) I don't think he's seen any other kid do this. I don't fall to the floor!

He didn't learn this anywhere, it's just his sin nature. It was part of him from birth. We are all born with this sin nature. We all have the "please me first" mentality. But, praise the Lord, through His power, grace, and love we learn to put our flesh aside and walk in the Spirit.

However, at some point we all throw tantrums at God. We are more discreet or sophisticated than falling on the floor, but in our hearts and minds, we throw ourselves in the floor and cry out, "That's not fair God! I want that God! Why aren't you giving me what I want!!"

What tantrum have you had lately? Is God not giving you something you think you deserve or want? How is this effecting how you interact with God, your Father?

Friday, September 7, 2007

09/07/07 - Healing

Often I receive e-mails from my readers who have been involved in undefined emotionally intimate relationships I talk about in my book.

One gal wrote me a few months back about a guy she was in ministry with. He would call her multiple times a day, text message or e-mail over 20 times a day, and see her a few times a week. She developed feelings for him beyond friendship.

This is how she describes what was going on:
"Of course I didn't know his feelings for me, but he listened well, and was so "touchy" when I saw him. He'd give me long hugs, and even whisper in my ear "I love you"."

WOW! He sure made her feel special and set-apart.

But, he was more interested in her roommate.

This is from an e-mail I received this week:
"I feel more hurt and used and angry than ever... he and (my roommate) decided it was time for them to "hook up". I didn't realize this was really happening until just a day or two ago...

I should never have given my heart to him. I wish I would have read your book before I had any contact with him...The good news is that God is working in my heart. I'm growing closer to Him through all this. I am sad, but not hopeless."

Yes, there is healing! If you have found yourself like this reader: hurt, rejected, frustrated or angry. There is healing and hope! This come from Christ Jesus Himself. Embrace His love and His passion for you.

Read Jesus' words from Matthew 11:
28"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."

Thursday, September 6, 2007

09/06/07 - Time

Do you feel like you have time to get done all the things you'd like to get done?

I would say that most of you will say, "No!"

We all get so busy: work, friends, church, family, school, sports, events, parties, computer, cleaning, laundry, bible study, worship team, Sunday school commitments, homework, and a long list of other things that keep us busy.

Just recently I have had a couple of people ask me how I have time to be a mom, keep up with my blog, keep house, be involved in church, and still have time to sleep 8 hours a night.

Easy: I have kept my life pretty simple. I have been very intentional about not putting too much into my schedule. This means saying "no", to events and activities that don't fit in.

Also, as a mom with two little kids, I choose to not be on the go. I stay home most days. I have one day that I use to grocery shop, twice a month I have play dates, we go to the library (at least we try) twice a month. On the weekends we try to only plan one major event. So if we have something to do on Saturday, we don't plan anything for Sunday or Friday. I also make a point to avoid going anywhere after naps in the afternoon. That means when we're home at noon, we're home for the day. (Of course we play outside, but we just avoid going anywhere.)

It takes work to keep our family schedule clear and not over booked. But I know the more I keep our calendar open, the more time we have for getting to know God, do what He has for us, and enjoy family time!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

09/05/07 - God will quiet us!

This morning in my daily quiet time I flipped open my bible (sometimes I flip it open and read whatever the Lord leads, other times I feel lead to read something specific, just an FYI) and it opened to Zephaniah.

I read the whole book, it's only three chapters. Then I got to chapter 3 verse 17:

"The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save, He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing." Italics mine.

I just stopped and re-read that verse a few times.

God will quiet us with his love!

I started thinking about being quiet, what does that mean? Here's what I wrote in my journal:

world not shouting at us
no frantic pace of life
no desperately searching for answers
no frustration

How often do we feel God's quiet in our life? What stops us from feeling that quietness in our life? How are you feeling today? Are you feeling God's loving quiet in your life?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

09/04/07 - Miles' Bible Verse

My son Miles is learning a bible verse for Sunday School. As a mom it's amazing to watch their kids spiritual life grow. It's such a blessing!

Enjoy the video!

Monday, September 3, 2007

09/03/07 - Being an Emotional Woman many of you women out there think, "Why do I have to be so emotional?" I know at times I wish I could turn off my intense emotions. Especially, when I was single and I struggled with desiring a boyfriend.

My emotions would play tricks on me! I'd over analyze everything little thing a guy friend would do! I'd go over and over and over again what he said, what he did, how he looked at me, how he interacted with me, and when I would be with him again (This normally included me trying to figure out how I could make sure we'd spend time together!).

My mind was an ever present emotional roller coaster! Up, down, corkscrew, up, up and whoosh...down again! I felt like all I could do was strap in and hang on!

Then God revealed to me the beauty of emotional purity. The power of the Holy Spirit in my thought life! When I began to practice emotional purity in my life, it freed my mind. I was no longer controlled by my emotions! I got off the roller coaster and stood firmly on God's foundation!

Was I still an emotional woman? Of course!! But my emotions did not control me and I would keep my thoughts captive for Christ. I'd focus on Him and what He wanted for me, which wasn't spending hours upon hours thinking, daydreaming, fantasizing, about guys in my life or the desire for a boyfriend.

God showed me the purity of trusting Him fully with my emotions!

What is your testimony? Where are you on this roller coaster? Are you waiting in line, riding it, wish you were off, or walking on firm foundation of trust?

Saturday, September 1, 2007

09/01/07 - Book of the Month

I am very excited about September's book of the month: Shopping for Time: How To Do It All and NOT Be Overwhelmed. by Carolyn Mahaney, Nicole Whitacre, Kristen Chesemore, Janelle Bradshaw: mom and three daughter team.

No matter the stage of life you are in, chances are you feel overwhelmed by all the things you have going on in your life. This book has already made positive changes in my life and I am excited to share throughout the month!

If you're thinking, "Who has time to read a book on "shopping" for time?" Don't worry! This book is under 100 pages and is a quick, easy to read book!

Make sure you check out their blog: Girl Talk Blog!