Wednesday, August 15, 2007

08/15/07 - A Smell

As a believer I desire that my life be a fragrant aroma to the Lord. A sacrifice that is well pleasing to Him.

Well a few days ago I woke up the worst smell in my house. It smelled worse than any dirty diaper I have changed!

It comes and goes, but I am convinced that something died in our furnace. (Gets worse when the air is running.) Even as I type, my husband is playing "exterminator" trying to find the dead animal. He has a mask on and he comes up from the basement for fresh air.

That's what sin does in our lives. It makes us smell rotten and unpleasant. It permeates our whole "house" (our bodies are the temple/house of the Lord 1 Cor. 6:19). Let us throw off sin, and may our actions please the Lord!

By the way, my sister called and she's in labor! Hopefully tomorrow I'll post about a new baby boy or girl!!!

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