Monday, August 6, 2007

08/06/07 - Overview of: Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?

I had my copy of Carolyn McCulley's book out when some married girlfriends came over. After they looked at me a bit puzzled, I told them I was doing homework! But what a great homework assignment!

Although, I am married, I have benefited from reading Carolyn's book. It has been encouraging, uplifted, and has given me more tools to bless those around me.

Carolyn is very practical, honest, down to earth, and shares real struggles/issues/uncomfortable situations single women face: from eating alone in a restaurant to how to not misjudge the kindness of Christian brothers. She takes Proverbs 31 and breaks it down in 10 of the 13 chapters. Which, even for married women, is a challenge!

Carolyn is 40 and single. Some of you may be reading that and think, "I can't imagine being 40 and not married, it would be awful!" Well, this book will encourage you that no matter when God brings your mate to you, you can be totally and completely satisfied in Him and Him alone!

Carolyn shows you how to fully glorify God in whatever season of life you find yourself in!
I'll be break down some of my favorite points Carolyn makes in the days to come!

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