Friday, August 31, 2007

08/31/07 - Donut Hole

Just a funny story for the last day of the month!

My husband, John, is always making me laugh! He's just a comedian and can get a whole room laughing.

On Wednesday we went to the Milwaukee Zoo. We left early in the morning and my in-laws went with our family. My mother-in-law brought chocolate donut holes for the kids to eat on the hour drive there. Miles and Luke only ate about two between both of them. Since we had so many left, we brought the box of donut holes in the zoo with us, in case the kids (or adults) wanted a snack!

We had just walked out of the monkey house when my mother-in-law pulled out the box of donuts. John took a chocolate donut hole, just then he noticed two young boys (about 6 or 7) watching him. He looked at the donut and said, "Well, they said the monkey turds were okay to eat!" And then took a bite!

Both boys looked at him like he was a crazy man!

Can't you just hear them telling their parents? "No, really mom, this man ate a monkey turd, we saw him with our own two eyes!"

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