Thursday, August 30, 2007

08/30/07 - Book of the month

This is our last discussion of "Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye: Trusting God with a Hope Deferred" By Carolyn McCulley.

If you are single, especially if you are in your upper 20's, 30's or 40's, this book comes highly recommended. Carolyn is 40 and offers a great perspective about being an older Christian single.

I just want to share some of my favorite quotes from the book:

"One thing I've learned to do is praise God in the middle of my dashed hopes." pg. 55

"Jealousy is a poison that simmers in indwelling sin and corrodes our hearts from the inside out." pg 61

"I think one of the big distractions of Christian singles is 'dating in your mind.'" pg 78 (this is the focus of my entire book! I love the phrase "dating in your mind", you can do that even if you are committed to courtship!)

I love the way she paraphrases James 2:2-4

"For a fine-looking man without a wedding ring comes into your assembly (church, youth group, school), and an awkward, plainer man in out dated clothes comes in, and if you pay attention to the good-looking man and say, 'You sit here in a good place, right here by me, sweetie', while you say nothing to or cut short the conversation with the less attractive man, have you not then made distinctions among them and become proud women with self-centered ambitions?" Pg 91 Italics mine

"Inner beauty points to heaven. Outer beauty points to destruction." Pg 171

This book has great insight for any Christian women. I hope you have enjoyed our discussion this month. On Saturday, I'll be introducing our book of the month for September!

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