Saturday, August 25, 2007

08/25/07 - Sense and Sensibility

Last night we watched Sense and Sensibility. It had been a few years since we have watched this movie. I just love Jane Austen and her understanding of women!

There is one scene in the movie where the overly expressive middle sister, Mariann, finds herself heartbroken over Mr. Willoughby's lack of returned affection. Her practical, sensible older sister Elinor asks her, "Did he tell you he loved you?" Mariann says, "Yes, everyday. It was never said, but always implied."

Isn't that how we get ourselves so confused? We find ourselves in relationships where every day a feeling is implied, yet never spoken. So in our minds we imagine a relationship, a future, and we have hope! Then, just like Mariann, many of us find ourselves broken hearted over these undefined friendship.

If you have not watched this movie, I recommend you check it out!


Anonymous said...

Heather, I have been reading your blog and it is wonderful. Thank you for the time you are spending sharing God's words and encouraging us. I love how you use things you have gone through to share lessons you have learned and teach us( computer firewall story).
Thank you so much!
Brenda Hansen

Donna said...

1st - i love your blog. it's been fun and encouraging to read. i ordered your book and will be receiving it next week so i'm really excited to get started on it.

2nd - i LOVE s&s, absolutely love it. jane austen is one of my favorites. i enjoy reading her books and love the movies. the quote you recited is interesting. i would add elinor's line: "he made us all believe he loved you." yes, his love wasn't declared, but he did display it by his actions. both were in the wrong - marianne shouldn't have given her heart and affections so easily and willoughby should have restrained himself to be more reserved.

EmotionalPurity said...


Thanks for reading, for the comment and I really hope you enjoy my book!

That is a good line from Elinor! Such a good movie!!

Have a wonderful day!