Friday, August 24, 2007

08/24/07 - Quiet Times

When God is trying to get my attention He'll remind me of something in a few different ways.

Lately, I have been feeling like my quiet times are just so inconsistent. I try to catch a few minutes here, 30 minutes there, just whenever I can find time in between taking care of two kids, helping my sister, and the other daily demands of being a wife, mom, and woman! Sometimes it's at nap time, other times it's at bedtime, then maybe it will be in the morning. It's not been consistent since before I had kids.

After reading "Shopping for Time" (which will be our Book of the Month for September), then reading the post of my mom's from yesterday, and finally after starting up my bible study at church, I realized I need to make a radial commitment to my quiet time: I need to WAKE UP before my kids!

So last night I prepared! I put a lamp upstairs next to my chair, with my bible and journal! I was going to get up early. God woke me up at 5:58! I knew this was Him waking me up saying, "Heather, here's your chance to spend time with me!"

I got up and went out to my chair, sat down and I hear Miles starting to talk (normally he's up at 6:30)! I think that when a mom opens her bible it's an internal alarm clock in her kids. But I ignored him, and had my quiet time!

Thank you Lord!

Are you struggling with your quiet times? What radial steps do you need to make to be faithful in your quiet time with the Lord daily? Maybe you've established a good pattern, if you have are you willing to share?

I do enjoy comments!

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Anonymous said...


I remember doing the same thing when my children were young. Fortunately, I'm one who likes to be up early - earlier than my children anyway! But I remember those same feelings and thoughts - "Ever since I've had kids, my quiet time gets pushed aside" and I remember doing the same thing you did. For a while I would even have my time with Him after they went to bed. But eventually I was able to get up in the morning - when it was still quiet. The key - praying, "Lord. I want time with You! I miss You! I need You! Please make me not too tired at night after they are in bed or wake me up in the morning before they awaken." He was faithful. I find this true with everything though. He wants us to have the desire! HE makes us able! It's all Him! He does the work, gives us the ability, when we DESIRE what He desires - to spend time with Him, to be able to forgive, to be albe to love, to be able to be single-minded. You have to WANT to and then ask Him - "Lord, please give me the mind to be single-minded. Lord, please give me a forgiving spirit toward so and so. I can't!! You can. Please change me and live through me until it is You Lord that live, not I!" His yoke IS easy! When we are yoked with Him, we are yoked to His strength. It's not just us pulling the cart anymore, but we are yoked with One stronger than we are and He has the pulling power that we don't have. Ask Him, and wait to see the power He lets loose within you - because He IS within You.

Wow. I said more than I intended.
God Bless,