Thursday, August 23, 2007

08/23/07 - Cure for wrinkles

My mom, Julie, posted this on a MOPS board we are a part of, I am mom of preschoolers and she is a mentor to us moms.

I'm trying to accomplish way too much in one hour! My daughter Lesli called and asked me to come over in one hour and my list is way longer than what I can finish in one hour!

I ran downstairs and threw the whites into the dryer and started the colored clothes...ran upstairs and started the dishes which had piled up from all the cooking and taking of meals the last few days! I made the two phone calls that couldn't wait and ran downstairs to fold the whites...immediately I knew I forgot one step...the dryer sheets!

The clothes were more wrinkled, they didn't smell as fresh and Arne's (her husband) T-shirts didn't fold as nice and neatly...more wrinkles than I've seen in a long time! That made them not stack as neatly!

How does God give us pictures of our life through something as mindless and tedious as our undies? I don't know, but He does!

Here's what He taught me this morning...I was in such a hurry that I forgot the one thing that gives a sweet aroma, that takes out the wrinkles, makes life smoother, easier to handle, fold and stacks more neatly...takes away the was as if God was asking me, "Have you forgotten the thing that does all these in your life, Julie?!" Yes, you prayed a quick little prayer this morning, I skipped my Bible reading, I was going to start a new study this morning...out the window when Lesli called...I forgot Jesus today! He's the one who softens my life, takes away the roughness, smoothes my unevenness and makes me easier to live with!Got it, God! Thanks for the vivid allegory! I love you!

Thanks for letting me share this mom!

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