Wednesday, August 22, 2007

08/22/07 - Interview Part 3

This is our last installation of my interview with Carolyn McCulley, author of: Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?

4) In your ministry was is the main area single women need the most encouragement in? What do you feel like your always saying to single women to encourage them?

I think most single women are encouraged by the portrait of God's quiet providence as found in chapter three of my book, about the faithfulness of God to Naomi (and Ruth). Many of us are like Naomi, surveying our circumstances and concluding that God has no further blessing for us--when in fact, He is orchestrating things right around us that we can't see but that will one day overwhelm us. What that will look like and when that day will come, we don't know. But we do know He is good, He is faithful, and He is merciful and we can bring Him glory with our confident trust in Him.

But I will also say this: From the first day I started speaking to women, there has been a constant theme in the Q&A that follows or the private conversations after these meetings. It is sexual sin. Most women seem to assume that only men wrestle with temptation or lust. So they think they are alone in this matter and the shame is as heavy as the sin itself. In our highly sexualized society with its hyper-aggressive women in in the media, we should not be surprised AT ALL that women in the church are affected. So wherever I go, I recommend that women read Joshua Harris' book, "Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust Is)." It's a book that is aimed at both men and women and won't be offensive or tempting to read. Then I recommend that women talk about this issue with their accountability partners and pray for each other. We need to be wise about the times we live in and understand the impact of existing in a sex-saturated society. Women may not be affected in the same way as men, but we are definitely impacted.

Thank you Carolyn for taking time to anwser our questions!

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