Tuesday, August 21, 2007

08/21/07 - Interview Part 2

Here is the second part of my interview with Carolyn McCulley, author of: Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?

2) What is your goal for women as they read your book? What do you hope they gain from reading?

My main goal is to encourage single women that there is a godly purpose for their singleness--it is an opportunity not to be wasted nor merely tolerated, but one to be invested for the good of others. What a single woman sows now will be her harvest in other seasons of life.

If she sows to selfishness and laziness now, it will become a bitter harvest in marriage. But if she sows to the spiritual disciplines and service to others now, these things will become a fruitful harvest in marriage and motherhood.

I've heard from many married women that they have found this book to be helpful to them, too, as the essential premise is an overview of biblical femininity, but seen through the lens of singleness.

3) What is the number one lie Christian single women fall for? What are the myths they believe?

I can't speak for all single Christian women. We are not a monolith, but a group that is comprised of women with many life experiences, gifts, trials, and experiences. A single woman of 22 is not the same as a single woman of 42. One is not quite as wonderfully mature and seasoned as the other (smile).

But there is one temptation that all human beings share and that is to look at our lives and circumstances and judge God for them. We believe the same lie that was handed to us in the Garden of Eden: God is holding out on you. You don't have to live by His rules to attain what's good. That lie is repackaged in a number of ways, but it's still the same lie today as it was then. And we are just as tempted by it as Adam and Eve were.

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