Tuesday, August 14, 2007

08/14/07 - Top Ten List

This Top Ten List of things you never say to a single woman at a wedding just cracked me up when I read it in: Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye? By Carolyn McCulley (pg 18)

1) You're next.
2) Why aren't you married?
3) Maybe you should lose some weight. (someone told my sister if she lost 10 pounds she get a date!)
4) What about (insert name here)? He's a nice boy!
5) You're next.
6) Maybe you're called to singleness.
7) Can you babysit tonight?
8) Did you ever consider being a missionary?
9) Just don't think about marriage, and it will happen.
10) You're next.

Italics mine!

A real story from my wedding! I have two older sisters, Colleen and Lesli. Colleen was married 8 months before me and was 7 months pregnant at my wedding. Lesli was single and struggling with her younger sister getting married before her.

Someone, who Lesli didn't know, came up to her and said, "You look great for being 7 months pregnant!" Lesli said in reply, "That's because I am not pregnant, it's my sister Colleen!" Oh poor Lesli!

That should be on the list as number 11.

11) You look great for being 7 months pregnant!

Lesli (not married or pregnant), Me and my cousin, Colleen (married and pregnant) and mom.
Lesli was married 3 years after me and I was 9 months pregnant at her wedding and Colleen was three months pregnant (with number 3)!

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