Monday, July 9, 2007

Hope for Heaven

How do I long for heaven? I long to be free of the sin in my life and the effects of sin in others life. Heaven, to be a perfect peace with the Lord and others.

Just recently I was hurt by a person I know. You can't say that someone hurts you intentionally, you can never judge someone motives, but it's hard not to take things personally when you feel they are so directed at you.

After I spent a night sulking over this hurt I was in bed sleeping. My husband rolled over and said, "You know why we suffer?"

This was an awfully deep question to be asking after my brain had shut down for the night.

He said, "When we suffer we long for heaven even more. If we sailed through life with no suffering, we'd be content here on earth and God doesn't want us to be content here on earth."

I said, "Well, then I am really longing for heaven!"

Are you longing for heaven? Do you feel the weight of suffering in your life? Are you tired of the sin around?

As the old hymn says, "This world is not our home, we're just passing through." Thank God above that we have a hope of heaven.

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