Monday, July 9, 2007


Yesterday I was reading a friends' blog about the freedom's we experience in Christ. Christ came so we'd be free.

After reading her blog I posted this comment:

"Being free in Christ can look sinful to those looking with legalistic glasses on!"

I don't believe that we flaunt our freedom, but have you ever looked at something someone was doing and been judgemental. I have! It's easy to think our way is the right way, but how do we know that God not granted that person freedom in that area.

I firmly believe that we are not to give the appearance of evil in anything we do or say. However there are those areas that we can each be called to a different levels. We are called to extend grace to each other.

A couple can be out one on one and totally maintaining emotional purity with each other (although I would not suggest you spend tons of one on one time because it can be easy to cross lines that don't need to be crossed).

Then there can be another couple out in a big group of people who are not guarding their hearts. It's not the form of what someone is doing, but it's the spirit. If someone has the spirit of purity, their lives will follow what their heart believes.

I don't believe in a list of rules for people when it comes to courtship or dating, yet when people have a desire to remain pure their actions will follow. It happens with any area of our life.

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Anne McClane said...

Wow! That was powerful! I really like what you said!