Friday, July 27, 2007

Feeling So Frustrated at Myself!!!

We have two laptop computers. One is our main Internet computer and the other one we have just begun to use it for the Internet. The second computer doesn't have a firewall and just recently my husband was saying that we need to get a firewall on the computer.

Last night I was on that computer and this Anti Software program popped up. I thought, "Oh, I'll take care of this and John will be so happy!" So I ordered it, gave them my credit card, and began scanning for viruses.

John called from work and I proudly told him how I took care of this problem for him. He didn't respond the way I would have wanted him. He said he was completely uncomfortable with that and asked me to stop scanning the computer and get off line.

When he got home, a quick Google search showed that this was no anti firewall at was a virus, a hoax! I got snickered!!!

I was so embarrassed, annoyed, frustrated, mad, and just plain upset at myself. I immediately called my credit card company and changed our card number. The lady on the other line said that the order had already been processed! UGH!

So after realizing that we can get rid of this (I am off to Best Buy this morning to buy Nortons) least we hope, we went to bed. I was still very frustrated at the whole situation, but as I was laying in bed, unable to fall asleep, I began to realize how this "innocent" pop-up on my computer was like sin in our lives.

We are just going along and Satan throws us a "pop-up". It looks like a real program, doesn't really look like sin; but at the core of his tactics is sin. It's taking away the glory of God at some level.

So we "buy" into this pop-up, thinking we've done something right, well maybe not right, but we don't feel like we've done anything wrong. Now this is where we run into two, two choices: we can begin to rid ourselves of this sin as quickly as we can. Scratch and fight to get rid of sin, to be pure, and to enjoy God. To fight the good fight of faith and throw off anything that gets in the way of us being right with God.

Or we can just go along with the sin, not really aware of the damage it is causing us. We may even begin to justify our sin. "Oh at least it's not as bad as so-and-so." "It's not hurting anyone, so why is it a problem?" "Well, it makes me feel good and really, what's the big deal?"

So we allow this "virus" to fester in us. We let the sin grow. A "little" sin will get larger with time. Before long we're keeping a distance from those who would hold us accountable, we start having secrets from people we normally don't hold secrets from, we find ourselves figure out a way around get "caught", and we just don't feel the joy from the Lord.

We rob ourselves of the sweet fellowship with the Lord. Of course there are many more side effects of sin and it depends on this sin you may be battling with.

Today as you spend time with God, ask Him to revel the areas of your life He wants to purify. He is a gentle, patient, and loving God, so thankfully we know that, although pruning doesn't always feel good, He is doing it for His glory.

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