Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Evan Almighty

Today my husband I and went to see a movie. We haven't been to a movie alone in ages!

We decided to see Evan Almighty, which in a nutshell is a modern day Noah story. God asks Evan to build an ark and there's one scene where God and Evan are talking. God tells Evan all His plans. Evan says in a whining voice, "Those aren't MY plans, God." God just laughs, "You're plans, oh (sigh, laugh) you're plans!"

How often do we have "our plans" and if we could have an audible conversation with God what would God say? Would He say, "You're plans, what about My plans?"

Evan has to give up (or so he thinks) everything to follow God: his reputation, his career, his family, his money, his pride, and his friends. He had to have radical obedience. What would we really think of a modern day Noah?

We may think he's crazy to say that God literally told him to build an ark. We may join him in building his ark...who knows.

The other scene that really touched me and actually made me cry was when Evan and his family (along with all the animals) were on the ark and all these people are laughing and mocking him from below.

He was telling people to get on the boat, that the flood was coming. They were just laughing because there was not a rain cloud in the sky. He was just begging and pleading with them to get on the boat and be saved.

It was just so profound about how I feel about those who don't know the Lord. I just ache for them to "get on the boat"! It wasn't until the flood waters came that the people ran to the boat for salvation!

It was a good movie and I'd recommend seeing it! However, there are many inside jokes only Christians would really understand.

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