Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day of quiet

Yesterday early morning I got a call from my sister who is 8 months pregnant. She was having pain on the right side of her tummy. I told her to call the Dr. and head to the hospital.

By 6 am I was at the hospital with her and her husband. My husband took our kids to my best friend's house for the day and I spent the day waiting for Doctors, nurses and answers.

I was in the quiet waiting room with nothing to read, nothing to watch, and no kids to take care of...what was I to do with myself???

It's amazing how little time I normally = have to myself and in my days of being busy with two kids I say, "If I only had an hour of quiet time to just read God's Word or prayer."

So that's what I did: pray! It was almost too quiet for me, I guess I have gotten used to the noise of kids, phone, and other distractions. It was hard to stay focused. Sure was quiet!

Anyway, my sister is doing much better (thanks to the prayers of many people) and her baby is fine! Praise the Lord.

Do you have quiet time today? Take advantage of it and enjoy the peace of a quiet moment or two!

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Angela Gifford said...

I'm laughing with you. Today I found myself stranded waiting for a ride (car trouble), so I sat in the one shady spot around and just read a good book. Someone sympathized with me for being stranded and I said..."Oh, they can take their time! I'm enjoying myself!"

So glad Lesli is doing better!