Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Being Prepared

My sister is 37 weeks pregnant and having contractions every night. When she has her baby I am planning on being at the hospital with her. Each night I talk to her she tells me of her contractions and I think, "Okay I could get a call in the middle of the night and be prepared to go."

Being prepared means that my phone and camera are charged, my boys clothes are ready for the next day, my husband knows what to feed them, their bag is pack to go to my best friend's house for the day, and there's plenty of gas in the cars.

Last night I thought for sure that she was going to call me at 2 am telling me she was in real labor. So I did my preparations and went to bed. I guess I do my best thinking those few moments before I drift into sleep because I started to think how we are called to be prepared as Christians.

We should be prepared to defend the gospel, to preach the Word in and out of season. Or be ready for whatever God calls you to. It may be a change in work, it may be a change in marital status. Whatever it is, we should be prepared.

This requires us to not be lazy. To be proactive and intentional with what we do. Getting prepared for my sister's baby has made me add many more steps to my bedtime routine. However, it's worth all the extra work!

Ask God to prepare you for what He has in store for you. I see, as I look back on my life, how God prepared me for the things He has called me to do.

One way to know God's action plan for you, is to get in His word and seek Him. He will reveal himself to you...it may not be in YOUR timing, but it will be in His perfect timing!


MInTheGap said...

Great post. I think that too often we are so focused on the here and now that we do not take thought into the fact that Jesus is returning, and that we should be prepared. We also are not prepared at all times to minister like we should.

Thanks for the encouragement.

Eric Novak said...

Hey, just happened across your blog. I thought I would stop by and say "hi!"

I'm also in the blogging world, drop by sometime ;)

Eric Novak