Monday, June 11, 2007


Five years ago when I'd search "Emotional Purity" on about three pages would come up. Now there's over 9,000 web sites with the term "emotional purity"!

When I google: "emotional purity and Heather Paulsen", there are over 100 web site and this is where it gets interesting. I enjoy seeing what people have written about my book...the good, the bad and the ugly! People pick apart one phrase of the book and write a whole blog about that one sentence. It's so easy for the written word to become distorted or misunderstood. I guess this just goes along with being a writer!

Although I want to defend myself, I'll let God do that. What I love reading are threads on message boards where my name/book come up! It's neat to see the dialog of people wanting to understand emotional purity in their own lives.

Also, for those of you with old editions of Emotional Purity let me encourage you to check out the new edition. I self-published the first edition and did not have any professional editor to work with me. With the new edition, not only have I added a new chapter and a whole lot more information, I had an editor (actually four) working with me!

Thanks for all your comments!

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