Thursday, June 14, 2007


What makes a blog a good blog? What draws people to a blog? How do blogs influence people? How do video's on youtube get spread to millions of computers in a matter of days? How is this generation of myspace and youtube influenced? What brings people back to a blog?

These are questions I have for you, the reader of my blog!

As an author I desire personal contact with my readers...hence my blog. I want to know what people think about my book. I want to know how it has impacted their lives...if it has at all.

Thanks for reading and for helping me out!


Brianna C. said...

All going well, when I have a chance to sit down :-), I'll respond to this...

Esther said...

Well, good content is one reason I go back to a blog no matter how hard it is to read etc. if it has the info I'm looking for then I'll make the time to read it. But, for simple lunch break browsing it's nice if it not only has good content but, if it's also somewhat easy to read (not just one huge post that would take hours to read) but, something I can sit down for a couple minutes, read and be able to walk away having learned or been encouraged. Pictures in between are always good breaks. I just gave your Emotional Purity book to a friend for her! Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

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