Sunday, May 6, 2007

What do people think?

When people met you or observe you, what do you think they think about you? What qualites do you exhibit?

I recently met a new gal and every time I see her she looks so sad to me. I really don't think she is a sad person, but this is just my impression of her. So it got me out..Heather's thinking again!

What do people think of me? Do they think I am happy? Joyful? Peaceful? Thankful for where I am in life?

Or do they think I am in a hurry? Bothered? Annoyed? Upset? Or distracted?

I often catch myself feeling rushed, being in a hurry to get to the next activity. So then I am not fully there where I am. I don't really listen when I am in a hurry to get to the next's not always an event, sometimes I just want to get my boys home and in bed before they crash and burn.

But is this what I want people to think about me?

I am learning to be fully where I am and not rushing ahead to the next thing. To listen to people and remember what they say. If I am unable to be 100% in a conversation, then I finish the conversation and take care of what needs my attention.

I want people to think I am genuine and not just in my world. How often do we just live in our own little world?

Today at Sunday school I saw a couple I hadn't seen in a couple of weeks and I said, "Did you just get home from your train trip?" They looked at each other and then said to me, "At the end of March." I felt so rude, like I hadn't taken the time to remember they were gone a month and a half ago.

Being fully where you are is my new life lesson.

Are you fully where you are at in life? Maybe you're single and you wish you were married. Maybe you're married and you wish you had kids? Maybe you have kids and you wish they were potty trained? Maybe they're potty trained and you wish they were in school? Maybe they are in school and you wish they were able to drive? Maybe they're driving and you wish they were out of the house? Maybe they're out of the house and you wish you had grandchildren?

We can wish our lives away if we do not fully enjoy where we are. Life is full of seasons and before you know it, you'll be on to the next one!


Kristi said...

Very timely post! Thanks for sharing, Heather. I know I often get so caught up in thinking about: "The future", making plans and always wishing I was in other circumstances, different job, etc. Instead of saying: "Lord, what is it you want to teach me through these siutations."
Grace and Peace.

Homefire said...

Thanks for this reminder! I have often found myself feeling tired and harried, then have to think how that comes across to people around me. Definitely not theimpression I want them to have of me as a Christian!

Anne McClane said...

Great thoughts Heather! I had the same thoughts this weekend and its nice to see I'm not alone!