Thursday, April 26, 2007

What is your purpose?

Do you life with intention?

Last fall I heard a speaker talk at our MOPS group about raising godly children. When we had broken up into our discussion groups she came in and said, "I forgot to tell you to live with intentions. Be an intentional mom, wife, Christian."

That just stuck with me. To live with intention!

You know when God starts to impress something on your heart it pops up everywhere.

I have been reading a book with the sub title: Being the Intentional Mom Your Family Needs. I have been doing a bible study with the main goal is to be a woman of intention. I just keep hearing the word intention!

How often do we passively live life? We just go with the flow and put no thought into our day beside: What should I wear? What do I have to get done today (school or work)? What am I doing this weekend?

To live with intention would be to set goals: daily goals, yearly goals and life long goals.

I have a list hanging in my kitchen of my daily goals. Each day I have different goals to get done: laundry, dishes, cleaning, time with my husband, kids and bible time. Those are my goals each day. (Which I still have to finish one today...laundry...I really don't like laundry!).

Then we, as a family, have yearly goals. Physically, emotional, mental, spiritual, family and misc. goals. These include things like: have company over once a month, go to one retreat, go away as a couple for a night or two and read at least three books this year on a certain topic. We go over these goals once a year and they just set a vision of where we are headed as a family and a couple.

Finally, there are your life long goals. Our list would include: raise God-honoring children, homeschool and disciple our children, always be working on having a happy, fun marriage, strive to live a life pleasing to God and serve our church in the ways the Lord leads.

These goals help me (us) live with intention. I don't want to get to the end of my life and just feel like I passively let life go past. I want to know that I walked the path that I was called to walk! And not just walk it, but run on it and find joy in the things the Lord has for me.

Living with purpose will be living with intention!

As a single your goals will look different and you may not need the book: Being the Intentional Mom your Family Needs...but your book title would be: Being the Intentional Single God Wants You to Be!

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