Thursday, April 5, 2007


I spoke today at our local community college. WOW! It was great. I felt so full afterwards. I was praising God the whole way home for using me in this way. I mean He didn't have to choose me, He could have used anyone, but He choose me to get this message out there to His people.

The book was written with college students in mind, however when I self-published it seemed to attract the homeschool community. I am praying with the new edition set to be released next Friday that it will be picked up in college circles all over the place. I pray God will spread this message where He wants it to be spread!

If you heard me speak today and are visiting my site, I'd welcome any questions I may have left unanswered. I felt like I went really fast, but I had so much to say.

Any questions I'll get, I'll post about and hopefully have more to say on my blog!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there
I'm from Poland and probably I won't have possibility to read your books.
Do you know about any websites that have any materials/sermons/papers about similar subjects?
Thanks for writing - it is encouragment for me.