Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Old Maid

AHHH...I just have to laugh at Sunny's comment that she received. If you read the comment from the last post you'll follow my thoughts.

A 12 year old girl said she was an OLD MAID! Well, Sunny you didn't say how old you are, but I am sure your not an OLD MAID!! I was 28 when I got married, my middle sister was 32 and my oldest sister was 30!

When I was 12, if someone who have told me that I would not be married for SIXTEEN years I would have sat down and had myself a good ol' cry. About 12 years old was when the obsession to have a boyfriend started. I planned my wedding, named my kids (which by the way are not the names of my children!) planned, planned and planned some more, for a marriage I dreamt about.

I remember my first crush: Kyle Splann, can you believe I even remember his name. I met him at camp when I was about 9 or 10. It starts so young.

So I can see how a 12 year old would THINK someone not married by 25 or so is an old maid. This message is for those 12 year old kids of the world who think marriage, boyfriends, weddings are the all in all.

Us women are silly, aren't we? We look to the things of this world to satisfy. This month my son's memory verse is: Do not love the world or the things in the world 1 John 2:15a. We are not to love what is the idea of happiness, love or joy. We are to love and be concerned about finding peace, happiness, joy and love in our relationship with the Lord.

Sunny: God bless you as you lead a study using my book. The new edition has a TON more study questions. May God be powerful in your testimony of faithfulness in waiting on His perfect timing!!

On a side note: I found the box of old radio interviews I gave when the book was first released in 2001, 2 years before I got married, 4 years before kids. How fun to listen to! The lady asked me if I had kids and in my somewhat unsure voice I said, "Lord willing someday!"

I remember wondering if anyone would ever marry the girl who wrote "Emotional Purity". Who would dare come that close to me ;-) AHHH, God is so good and faithful! I was listening to the CD as I was feeding my two children dinner and I looked at them and thought, "How blessed am I!"

Then my oldest son, Miles (2 years old) said to the radio, "Hi, Hi, Hi Mommy." He must have wondered how I got in there ;-)

God bless you all as you seek His purity for your life!

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