Friday, January 26, 2007

Over View of Emotional Purity

What is my book all about?

It is a book based on the confusion that can take place in male/female relationships.

Example: A guy and girl become friends. They share their hearts, pains, dreams, hopes, goals and sorrows with each other. The girl (normally it is the girl, but it can be the guy as well) starts to think...thinking can be dangerous..."He must like me, I mean he shares with me, calls me, text messages me all day long, we must be moving to the boy/girlfriend level."

Since the relationship is never defined, she comes up with her own expectations. However, the guy doesn't feel this way at all. He's just enjoy his new friendship.

A girl can easily become broken hearted when the guy starts paying attention to another girl or even a new girlfriend.

I examine what these types of relationships lead to and how they can pull our focus off of what the Lord has planned for us in our single years.

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Anonymous said...

Anything in your book about when girls use guys to snag themselves a husband?