Friday, January 26, 2007

First Proof

I was sitting here playing on my laptop. Both of my boys are sleeping and I have been trying to track down some old friends.

Then I heard a man whistling at my front door, I heard my screen door open and then close. I look outside to see a Fed Ex truck pull away.

What goodies did he drop off? The third season of Gilmore Girls I won on e-bay!

To my surprise I received the First Proof of my new edition of Emotional Purity: An Affair of the Heart!!!

Does it look awesome. The layout is so different from the last edition. I have about two weeks to read it and send it back with any changes. I am so thrilled!

The new edition will be out in just three short months! I can't wait for the world to read the new and improved edition!


Angela Gifford said...

Oh, Heather! I'm so excited for you! I just finished your older edition. I can't begin to tell you how much it challenged me as a married woman. I'm so glad the Lord brought you my way!

Anonymous said...

I was reading your profile and noticed that you are married. You stated that both you and your husband saved yourselves physically and emotionally for each other. Does that mean that neither one of you ever dated anyone before meeting each other? Is it possible to date before meeting the "right one" and still save yourself emotionally?

Anonymous said...

I heard you speak at a college years ago before you were married. It sounded rather legalistic and more like you were making the Bible say what you wanted it to say.

So was your first kiss to your husband and his to you? How do you define "saving" yourself emotionally?

Who ever said the goal should be to avoid pain? Is your point that we shouldn't engage in romantic relationships that aren't serious about marriage OR that we need to keep ourselves somehow "emotionally pure"? those are very different things.

I personally think it's impossible to not feel attraction sometimes--that's not wrong. If you are in a friendship leading nowhere you may be hurt but you can't tie the two together all the time.